Point of Contact: Shelomo Alfassa
Phone: 646-780-9355
NEW YORK, NY (January 22, 2016) – New York Rescue Response Team (NYRRT) is preparing for Winter Storm Jonas which is set to strike the Northeast this weekend and could bring record-breaking snow fall to New York City and the surrounding areas. Meteorological reports project 12-18 inches with potentially even more snow (18-24 inches) for Brooklyn and Staten Island.
NYRRT is preparing, by winterizing their vehicles and four-wheel-drive units, as well as adding extra equipment. They are monitoring the winter weather conditions closely and are making plans to deploy resources and personnel to the areas that could get hit the hardest, this looks like it will include Brooklyn and Staten Island. Blizzard-level sustained winds will add to the situation, as will coastal flooding—because high winds and high tides contribute to storm surge and potentially damaging waves.
During a major storm such as this, NYRRT may provide mutual aid and/or command and control for search and rescue operations; logistical support; emergency power & lighting, extra manpower for fire hydrant snow clearing, road/debris clearing, radio communications, first aid and medical support, transportation of equipment and/or key personnel, etc.
NYRRT says, preparation is the key. During a storm of this magnitude an increase in accidents and hypothermia calls are typically called into 911, however, there are others who dial 911 because they have no food or ran out of prescription medication. NYRRT urges people to make sure they have all of the essential items they need for the duration of the blizzard. It’s important that residents are reminded to get things such as a change of warm clothes, bottled water, a fire extinguisher, flashlights and batteries, first aid supplies and medication. Also remember any items required for infants, people with disabilities and pets. NYC residents should remember to get cash and gasoline for their vehicles before the storm, since power outages may disrupt ATMs and gas pumps.
NYRRT reminds the public, stay indoors, check in on your neighbors—especially the elderly; if you can remove snow from your nearest fire hydrant, that would be advantageous.
New York Rescue Response Team provides New York City and surrounding communities with search and rescue services. NYRRT, a volunteer organization, has been providing quality emergency services to New York City and its residents for near a decade. Visit for more information.

 Mayor Bill de Blasio issuing a Winter Weather Emergency Declaration, Jan 22 2016