NYRRT Operations
...may include...

Utilizing conventional scaled grid maps, software and GPS to conduct Search & Rescue (SAR) operations on our own or with other organizations, to locate both missing child and adults. This may include providing leadership during operations to locate / rescue or recover persons.
Maintaining vehicles to tow trailers, tools and equipment for either NYRRT operations or to assist other organizations as needed.
Providing radio communications as needed at a search, storm, fire scene, or other event where inter-operability is critical.
Maintaining a ready reserve of water rescue gear, rope, personal flotation devices (PFD vests) and an Inflatable Hull Rescue Boat.
Assisting with lighting up Accident Investigation scenes in the streets and on the highways for the police department / highway patrol.
Supplying and delivering food and shelter equipment to victims of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the NYC area.
Providing much needed hydration and snacks to firefighters at the scene of various incidents.
Provide multi-language fire safety information and services including installing smoke alarms at no charge to the elderly and those in need.
Provide emergency medical treatment / first aid / CPR, extrication or stability assisstance in the event of an emergency, or at an incident scene.
Providing direct liaison to the police, fire, and sanitation departments during and after major incidents, for citizens of New York City.
Providing electrical power at the scene of incidents for large items such as power tools and smaller needs such as cellular phones. Our portable light trailers all have GFI protected/isolated onboard electrical systems.
Maintaining a strong liaison with the police department and the fire department as well as local EMS agencies, in order to make ourselves a viable mission extender to them and to be available when called upon.