Springtime Blood Drive & Proclamation

On April 2, 2016 NYRRT assisted Maimonides Medical Center and The Bridge MCP at a blood drive held in Brooklyn. Blood drives such as this help collect blood from local residents who are giving back to their own communities. By supporting the operational side of drives to collect and distribute blood, NYRRT serves as a bridge between the community and thousands of patients who need blood transfusions to survive an illness or accident. Every few seconds, somewhere in the US, someone requires a pint of blood—40,000 pints are used each day. There is no synthetic substitute for whole blood; it must come from a willing donor. 

On this day, The Hon. Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President was in attendance to show his support to the community, and to encourage citizens to donate life saving blood. The Borough President recognized all the sponsors of the drive in an official Proclamation which among other participants--recognized New York Rescue Response Team "for making the Impossible Possible." "We are very proud of the members of NYRRT who always give their time and energy to help with worthwhile projects such this--we are glad to be an active part of the community," said Lt. Shelomo A. of NYRRT.

L-R: NYRRT members Miriam N., Shmily M. Lt. Shel A., Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, Mottee M. (behind), Capt. Glen S. and Mark Appel, founder of The Bridge MCP.

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Thanks to Mike Wright for photos:   https://twitter.com/MikeNytvnews